Industry Showcase and why it’s FREE

Alessandra Baldacchino 2012 Showcase

Industry Showcase – a REALLY free event

Since 2008, Broadway Workshop has been producing a FREE industry showcase in conjunction with The Random Farms Kids’ Theater (RFKT). Random Farms is an amazing organization based in Elmsford, NY (Westchester County). I worked at Random Farms for many years with Anya Wallach who created RFKT and who has done amazing things for youth theatre.

Anya and I were seeing so many companies offering Industry Showcases where students were paying $400-$800 to participate. We felt that together we could produce a showcase where every student accepted would not have to pay a fee to perform in front of agents or managers and we could really help jump start so many careers.

Typically, we have around 300 students audition each year and we create a cast of 40-50 students to perform on the big night in NYC. Anya and I rent an off Broadway theatre venue to present the showcase and we are able to bring together around 30 top industry professionals to attend every year.

Rachel Resheff – appeared in our first showcase!

So you might be asking “What is the catch?” There legitimately isn’t one. It’s such a win/win for us. Yes, its a ton of work to put the event together, setting up auditions, scheduling industry guests etc., but we get the amazing pleasure of working with students we have never met and giving a really amazing opportunity to kids we are currently working with. It’s also really incredible to help educate parents about the industry and what to expect. It’s my favorite thing to see a kid from our showcase go on to a Broadway show. It’s been such a rewarding process for us!

Since we started, the students cast in the annual showcase have gone on to huge things, Broadway shows, TV shows and movies. Just a few of the kids that got their start
in our showcase include: Katherine Reis (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bull, All We Had), Rachel Resheff (Shrek, Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, Fish in the Dark), Gianna Harris (School of Rock), Zachary Unger (Billions, Containment, Bway – Chaplin, Newsies), Alessandra Baldacchino (Fun Home) and the list goes on and on.

Our 2016 Showcase dates have just been announced and audition sign ups will begin the first week of November. Click here for more info!  We hope you will come out and audition either in NYC or in Elmsford at Random Farms’ Studio!

Marc Tumminelli – 10/13/16

So you want to go to college for musical theatre…


YAY! It’s time to go to college! Because you are happiest when you are performing, you’re taking the big leap and you’re going to spend 4 years majoring in Theatre. So, basically, you picked a hard profession… but every profession is hard. At least you are doing something that is so exciting you can’t imagine doing anything else. (And you have awesome parents that want to support your dream!)

I have been coaching students for the past 10 years for college auditions. I do not know it all but I am happy to share things that I think are important and some things that I have learned along the way!

  • Make a spreadsheet with ALL of the info for ALL of the schools that you are auditioning for. I am talking: NAME OF SCHOOL, DATE OF AUDITION, DUE DATE OF PRESCREEN, MUSICAL PIECES NEEDED, ACTING PIECES NEEDED – ANY info that you need to keep track of.
  • Pick good material and be prepared. Every school has different requirements but you will track that in your spreadsheet, mentioned above – you’re welcome! For the most part, you need to have 2 contrasting Musical Theatre Songs and 2 contrasting Monologues from PUBLISHED PLAYS. I would suggest you have around 4-5 songs ready (full songs and 16-32 bar cuts) and 3 monologues. You need to find songs and monologues that work for you and that are not too mature for you.

On Finding Songs – For some help finding great songs, check out my BLOG from two weeks ago.

On Finding Monologues – Yes, monologues are hard to find. You have some options though. Go to a coach or spend a day at the Drama Book Shop. The staff at the Drama Book Shop will help you look through plays to find something that will work! Or just pull plays off the wall and read the back. If you find something that has characters your age, keep reading. If it says “16 middle-aged women go on a camp retreat” put it back. Get it? I would avoid monologues from “monologue books” – even if the monologues are from published plays. Make sure you read the play and you feel comfortable talking about the author and the play itself. Do the research. Do the work.

  • Learn about the school – You should make sure you know a lot about the schools: What is campus life like? What opportunities will you have as a student? What is the closest big city? Can you see yourself spending four years there? Etc. Many programs do not let you perform for the first year. If you are not okay with that, well, maybe that school is not for you. Research the schools’ alumni. This will give you some good background of the students that have come out of that program.
  • Keep an audition log – You are going to audition for a bunch of schools. You should keep a record of who you have auditioned for: What did you perform? Did they ask you any questions in the room? What did they ask you? Did they give you an adjustment? What did you wear? What was your impression of the school? Did they pay attention to you? How did you feel about your overall experience? Etc.
  • Be yourself –They want to meet YOU. Have fun, show them who you are and have a great time in the room, Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There is only one you! You are going to get into a school so show them who you are and why you are a big ol’ star!
  • Get help – Broadway Workshop has a team of coaches that can help you prepare for these auditions. We have another One Day College Audition Intensive coming up on December 18th. Stay tuned for that info.


We hope this helps you on your College Audition journey!

-Marc Tumminelli – 10.6.16


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