UPDATED 2.6.24

Do I need to have a COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination to participate in a summer intensives?

We have lifted our vaccination check and COVID-19 testing for summer 2024. We reserve the right to change this policy at anytime.

What If I am feeling ill or I have been exposed to COVID-19 before the start of the in-person program I am registered for?

If you’re feeling ill or have had exposure to COVID-19, you cannot attend the intensive. Any student who is not able to attend due to sickness will receive a full credit to be used for a future Broadway Workshop program. If last minute cancellation is due to COVID-19 or exposure you will need to supply a positive test result.

What is the official cancellation policy for Summer 2024?

A non-refundable deposit (50% of the program fee) is required to reserve a space in any summer camp or Intensive program. You will be notified by e-mail when the balance is due (online payment, check or money order accepted). If a student must withdraw from a summer program, there are no refunds or credits of any kind for deposit payments. There are NO refunds on full payments after the full payment due date for each program. If a student pays in full at the time of registration and must withdraw before the final payment due date, we will refund you the remainder payment only (50% percent of the total program fee). Students who must cancel due to COVID-19, must supply proof of illness. Students will have the option to move to an alternate summer program or will receive a full credit to be used for any Broadway Workshop program. 

Do I need to audition for Broadway Workshop’s Summer programs or is it Open Enrollment?

No audition is required for Broadway Workshop week long summer intensives (Vocal Intensive, Excel and Junior Excel).
Students are required to submit an audition to be part of the SUMMER STAGE program.

Why doesn’t Broadway Workshop require an audition for most summer intensive programs?

We feel our job as an educational institution is to bring out what is special about each student and give them the opportunity to be challenged from an individual performer perspective. Our students range from student actors who are just starting out and students who have been in multiple Broadway shows. We know every student will feel challenged in our summer intensives and camps! Also, by not having live and online auditions for each program, we are able to offer our summer intensives at a lower cost. We know it feels exciting to get accepted into a program but we can assure you that our students are incredible and each student will feel challenged in our programs. We do require that students have a background in performance in either school or professional theater and are ready for taking the next step in their training for our non-audition summer intensives. Students will need to come to these programs with musical and acting material that they are ready to perform. These programs are not created for students who have NO experience in performance.

How do I know if my child is ready for a Broadway Workshop Summer program?

Our summer programs are definitely for students with an elevated interest in performing. Students in our intensive programs will be performing in front of their peers and receiving constructive feedback about their performances from major Broadway stars and industry professionals. If your child comes prepared with the requirements for the program and is not afraid of working through their material in front of their peers, teachers and industry we think they will have an exciting and enriching experience at Broadway Workshop.

What kind of students attend Broadway Workshop Summer programs?

At Broadway Workshop we have a wide variety of students from all different levels and from all around the United States and many from other countries. All of our students are coming from different levels in their training and we know everyone has so much to learn from each other. While the majority of students are from all around the tri-state area, there are a good deal of students coming from all over the world to spend a week training with the top teachers available! At the end of the week, we know your child will have made some lifelong friendships and industry connections and have a better sense of who they are and what makes them special when they are on stage!

Where do the programs take place?

Our in-person programs will take place at RIPLEY GRIER STUDIOS located at 305 west 38th St. (Just off 8th Ave). Summer Stage takes place at Baruch College (55 Lexington Ave). Final Showcase for JUNIOR EXCEL and EXCEL 1 & 2 will take place at Baruch College (55 Lexington Ave). The Vocal Intensive final showcase takes place in the studio at Ripley Grier 305.

How does payment work for Broadway Workshop Summer programs?

In order to register a student for one of Broadway Workshop’s Summer Intensives, you must check out by paying half of the tuition with a 50% Deposit. The remaining 50% of the tuition will be charged automatically, roughly one month before the start date of each program. If you are registering for a program after the final payment date, full payment will be required when registering. We can also set up a different payment plan that works best for your family. Please email us directly ( to set up a payment plan or if you have questions about tuition.

Are scholarships available for students who require financial aid?

Full and partial scholarships are available for students who qualify though Project Broadway. Students must fill out an application HERE and wait for approval from Project Broadway staff. Project Broadway requires basic financial information, a needs statement and a supplemental video materiel when possible. Scholarships often cover all, half or most of the tuition of a Broadway Workshop program.

Are the age restrictions on Broadway Workshop’s Summer programs flexible?

We are not able to make exceptions regarding a student’s age. Over the last 16 years, we have worked hard to tailor our programs and hire the best possible teachers for each specific age group and we hope that you understand why we must have these restrictions in place. We also feel that students work best when they are surrounded by students in their age group. If a student is VERY close to the age cut off, we can make some exceptions. Please email with age questions.

What is the difference between the Broadway Vocal Intensive and the EXCEL Teen Intensive?

The major difference between these two program is that in our EXCEL Teen Intensive, students are able to choose a “Major”. In the EXCEL Teen Intensive students choose between being a “Vocal Major” or “Acting Major” which determines whether they will focus primarily on their monologues or their vocal selections in preparation of the Final Showcase on Friday.

Students in the Broadway Vocal Intensive work primarily on a vocal selection in preparation of their Final Showcase and can only be a “Vocal Major” as their is no “Acting” only major in the Vocal Intensive. The Vocal Intensive allows a smaller group of students in the over all program and the final showcase takes place in studio.

Excel focuses a bit more on the Triple Threat experience (Acting, Singing and Dance). The Vocal Intensive will focus more on song interpretation, vocal health and vocal technique while still working on acting and movement.

Both the Vocal Intensive and the EXCEL Teen Intensive programs allow students the opportunity to develop their vocal, acting, and dance skills in a variety of classes throughout the week. If you can’t decide what program to join us for, we suggest picking the week that works best in your summer schedule. We are positive you will have an engaging experience in either of these two programs.

Are lunches provided at Broadway Workshop or are we required to bring our own lunch when we are doing an in person program?

Broadway Workshop does not offer lunch during our programs. We ask that each student come with a lunch packed and ready to go each day! If parents would prefer to drop off a lunch for their child, someone will always be available in our Main/Check-In Room. We will have a variety of NUT FREE snacks on hand throughout the day for students between classes, but suggest making sure they have a water bottle each day. There are many Deli’s and food options around the studio, there is a large deli with nearly every food offering on street level of the rehearsal studio building 305 West 38th St. Students can easily pick up lunch on the way into the studio in the mornings. We do not allow students to leave the building for lunch for ANY reason. There also are credit card operated vending machines available on the 3rd floor of 305 Ripley Grier Studios.

How does Broadway Workshop handle food allergies?

Broadway Workshop is peanut/tree nut free zone! We ask that all students taking part in our programs do not bring snacks or lunch with peanuts or tree nuts in them (this includes peanut butter). Any snacks provided by Broadway Workshop will be completely peanut and tree nut free! If you have another food related allergy, please let us know any and all details promptly. Students with an Epinephrine pen can choose between carrying their pen throughout the day or keeping it with a Broadway Workshop staff member in the event of an emergency.

How does Check-In and Check-Out work at Broadway Workshop Summer programs?

All students must check in and check out with our designated Broadway Workshop staff members. Students are under our supervision for the entirety of the day from Check-In to Check-Out. Parents are not required to be present during Check-In, however, in order for students to check out at the end of the day, a parent or guardian MUST be present. If you wish to allow your child to leave without a parent or guardian you must fill out a Check-Out Release Form. These forms are made available prior to the start of each program. If Parents want to stay on site during the camp day, there are lounge spaces where a parents can relax and work at the studio.

How many students are in each Broadway Workshop Summer program?

The total number of students differs from program to program, but ranges from 30-60. Regardless of how many students are in each program, we assure their are only 10-14 students per Master Class. While they may be with larger numbers of students for dance classes, Q&A’s and specialized workshops, when students are working on their material for the final showcase, they will be with the same small group of students and Broadway guest teacher each day.

Does my child get to see a Broadway show during the week?

For summer 2024, we will be offering a Broadway evening add-on during the program. We will not be seeing a Broadway show as part of actual schedule of classes. Group tickets are purchased for the TUESDAY evening performance of the camp week. Tickets are generally priced at a group rate between $80-$100 per seat and families can order up to 4 or 5 if needed. Students are NOT required to purchases these tickets. This is an add on experience.

Are there are any discounts available for Broadway Workshop Summer programs?

We do offer a Sibling Discount of $50 for each sibling registered for the same program. This discount is automatically applied when you register two or more students in the same order.

Does Broadway Workshop provide housing or hotel accommodations for students during their Summer programs?

For summer 2024 we will not be offering hotel accommodations. We suggest using a travel website to book your hotel/lodging in advance. Many students stay in hotels in New Jersey or Queens for lower hotel rates. We suggest looking for hotels/lodging in the midtown/times square area for closest proximity to our studio on 38th St. We suggest staying above 44th St. It’s a quick walk to the studio and a more vibrant area of midtown. Below is a list of Hotels we are happy to share with our students and families:

What is the Final Showcase and do we need tickets?

The Final showcase is FREE to attended. The Showcases brings each student to center stage to perform a cut of a song or a short monologue (Acting majors in Excel). All showcases run around one hour total and take place around 3PM or 3:30PM on the final days of the summer intensives.

What do students need to have prepared before attending a Broadway Workshop Summer program?

Each Summer program requires something a little different in preparation for the week! Camp NYC is the only program where students do not need to prepare anything. Below is the breakdown for each program:

  • Broadway Vocal Intensive: 2 Musical Theater song/Pop/Rock selections in the correct key you sing in cut down to 16/32 bars, multiple headshots and resumes for our industry guests, 1 monologue from a published play
  • Junior EXCEL Intensive: 2 Musical Theater song selections in the correct key you sing in cut down to 16/32 bars, 1 monologue (from a monologue book or a play), multiple headshots and resumes for our industry guests
  • EXCEL Teen Intensive: VOCAL MAJORS should have 2 musical theater song selections and 1 contemporary monologue prepared for the EXCEL program, ACTING MAJORS should have 2 contemporary monologues and one musical theater song prepared for the EXCEL program, ALL STUDENTS should have multiple headshots and resumes for our industry guests

When do Broadway Workshop Summer programs tend to sell out?

While there really is no way to determine when exactly our programs will sell out, most of programs will reach capacity about one month before they start. While we do suggest registering for our programs sooner rather than later, please keep in mind the 50% deposit needed to register is non-refundable and that you should have solidified travel plans and accommodations for your week.

If a Broadway Workshop Summer program is sold out and I am on the Wait list how and when will I know if a space opens up?

In the event that a space opens up in a sold out program, we will then contact the Wait list. As the program start date draws nearer, we understand most people on the Wait list will have had a change in plans or will not have enough to make travel plans. If and when contacted about an open spot, please be upfront about whether or not you are able to attend. We are not able to predict when and/or if a space will open up at any given time leading up to the program.

Are Broadway Workshop’s summer intensives for local New York area students only? 

No! Broadway Workshop students who are part of our summer camps and intensives come from all over the United States. We even have students who attend each year from other countries including Italy, England, China and Japan. 

If you have additional questions please contact our office at or 212-262-2636