4 Broadway Performances you need to watch right now

It’s no secret that I am a huge Broadway fan. Pretty much everyone who works on my team loves the theatre so much, we can’t imagine working in any other industry. I have been seeing Broadway shows since 1987. My first Broadway show was Ain’t Misbehavin. I hated every single second of it. But luckily, I also saw a Broadway show called Jerome Robbins Broadway not long after. It changed my life. As a new crop of kids come up and fall in love with Broadway the way I did, I want to make sure they have seen some of the most incredible Broadway performances that are streaming on Youtube right now!

So here are my must watch Broadway (and beyond) moments.

1) Christine Ebersole – GREY GARDENS. When Christine sang the 11 o’clock number – Another Winter in a Summer Town in Grey Gardens, I held my breath for the entire 9 minutes. This is a master class in acting a song and telling a story. Also Christine has the most perfect voice and I will see her do anything!

2) Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner – SIDE SHOW. When I was a senior in high school I got a comp to a Wednesday matinee of Side Show on Broadway. I cut school (I am not advocating that, but listen kids, if you get a comp to Side Show on Broadway and it’s 1997 you can go). These two woman blew the roof off the place, It was so exciting. I went back a few more times during that Broadway run. Listen to that ORIGINAL cast recording kids, Listen to it till you know it.


3) Sheri Renee Scott – THE LAST 5 YEARS. All you really need to know is I saw this show so much, the people in the box office at the Minetta Lane theatre knew my name. Sheri and Norbert were brilliant, Jason Robert Brown’s score is perfect. This song is musical theatre magic and Sheri finds every possible moment.


4) Sara Ramirez – I WILL FOLLOW. This one is not from an actual musical but when you hear Sara (pronounced – SA-DA, confusing but whatever) belt this Jason Robert Brown song you will know why it made the list. This performance was from a benefit concert in 2001 in the east village. I was there and I remember every second of it! You probably know Sara from Grey’s Anatomy but lets hope we get her back on Broadway soon.